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Potatoes Make my Soul Happy~ by MomotsukiNezumi Potatoes Make my Soul Happy~ :iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 0 0 A Cup of Joy by MomotsukiNezumi A Cup of Joy :iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 2 0
Meteoric Irritants, orbiting Grey Matter
The slice of my mouth has been rent ragged as a torn banner of surrender, 
pursed like two tectonic plates rutting together to birth earthquakes
   the acrid, addictive tang of salt, sweat, a coppery rust 
that speaks secrets
apple-seed bitter and hissing like snakes
against the corners of my smile (was it a smile, today?),
A littany of hemoglobin rasps that fill in the cracks of my crumbling lips like 
dirty water.
Licking away at the staining tastes of the sea, of the dark and quiet before storms, 
and turns my tongue the shade of cherries
you only find in the saturation filters for nostalgic romantic films.
I trace idle patterns across the twin crescent moons of my dentition, mapping half-remembered fever dreams of Mozart and Wagner out with bendy straws and the ends of fork tines, 
tasting blandness from bright plastics, a ghost of blood in the metal of old silverware.
My skin is pockmarked
:iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 0 0
A Cupful of Sunset by MomotsukiNezumi A Cupful of Sunset :iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 2 0
The moonsea that 'ere governs me
There is an ocean of confused, abyssal emotions
Churning away inside me, a relentless battering against the slow-eroding cliffs of my bones 
Like the moon-guided strikes of the waves against the helpless shore.

I watch from atop the high seats of the bone arena held upon these weary, skinny shoulders
And wonder if I could drop, fall, tumble out my own mind to land in the stormy seas below.

Would I drown? Would I want to?
Would I gasp for air, kick to the surface while my lungs scream for help from their prison in my chest,
Only to fall back, pulled back under by that leviathan monster fatigue, and their tree-nested twin deemed apathy?
Could I make it back to the light, the air, the sky? 
Would the illumination blind me, the air shellshock my deprived lungs like
the burning 
of liquor down an unprepared throat?
Am I to stare in horro
:iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 0 0
Hollow, not Hopeless
The space in my torso is a twisted, gaunt trunk, 
Filled with a motley collection of years-rotted meat and bone and blood vessels.

Wrapped around the tender, bruisable flesh of that ever-beating lump of cardiac tissue
Is an iv'ry cage, an embracement of bone, a biological armor cradling soft lungs, 

A vanguard of slim soldiers bound together by cartilage motives and a governing sternum,
Curled, serpentish and ghost-glowing, round and round and round
like a mulberry bush gone to seed.
The garden in my chest has gone bad. 
The heart is beating, but it's almost mechanical, droning away in a rythmic lub-dub lub-dup like the wings of a clockwork sparrow.
Has hope, eversweet songbird of niavety, become the toy nightingale of stories past, imprisoned in my thoracic cavity like Rapunzel in her pretty tower?
I sit here and wonder if one day, if I put my hand to my chest,
If there will be nothing thumping back.
:iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 1 0
Sunrises can be found in even the strangest places by MomotsukiNezumi Sunrises can be found in even the strangest places :iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 0 0
Tree thoughts
My insides are rings of years sealed away in wan, maturity-scarred wood, 
My arms exhaustion-weathered branches, swaying from side to side in the buffeting zephyrs of my reality.

                    Fingers and toes weather the world with me, enduring my anxious nibbling over time until the tiny pinkish pieces appear to be trimmed by aphids, green and tiny worries that my store of ladybug thoughts fight against with all the intrepidity of a bumbling, well-meaning knight.
A tree trunk of flesh and bone creaks around my organs as I shuffle, run, stumble my way through life. 
My hair is rope-like, twisting and knotted,
                                    Tangling around my fingers in imitation of serpents, stinging like handfuls of nett
:iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 0 0
Happy Birthday to Deviantart, From Mama Goose~ by MomotsukiNezumi Happy Birthday to Deviantart, From Mama Goose~ :iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 1 0 It's a sweet, sunny day here in Desert Bluffs... by MomotsukiNezumi It's a sweet, sunny day here in Desert Bluffs... :iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 4 0 Curry, Carrots, and Contentment in a Bowl~ by MomotsukiNezumi Curry, Carrots, and Contentment in a Bowl~ :iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 0 1 Much Ado about Miso~ by MomotsukiNezumi Much Ado about Miso~ :iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 1 1 Not Pie, But Tastes as Good As~ by MomotsukiNezumi Not Pie, But Tastes as Good As~ :iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 1 0 Look Ma, I Made a Rainbow! by MomotsukiNezumi Look Ma, I Made a Rainbow! :iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 0 0 50% Oats, 50% Veggies, 100% Yummy~ by MomotsukiNezumi 50% Oats, 50% Veggies, 100% Yummy~ :iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 1 0
Give me grace to Listen to Your S1 and S2
Were it in my power to do so,
I'd have x-ray vision, so that I could peer back, awed and timid, 
Fumbling and clumsy, an adolescent's curiosity piqued and laced with the razor's edge of long-held, bushy-tailed interest,

Behind the slim, ivory wings of your ribcage
To behold the brutal, beating, beautiful lump of flesh
That man calls a heart,
That I call a life-song, a death-song, a hold-me-close-as-we-breathe-together song,
A ballad of rhythmic lub-dub lub-dub that hiccups a biological tune from birth to death like so many rotations of the celestial bodies.
Were that I had the power, I would gaze upon it, if you would be so kind as to let me,

Watch the expansion, contraction, soft and sweet and soothing as the ebb and flow eternal of the seas.
But as I cannot, I can only imagine, those dewy and idle imaginings that speak of the cadence of home and beloved <
:iconmomotsukinezumi:MomotsukiNezumi 0 0


Penny - A Phantom Pain by anonamos701 Penny - A Phantom Pain :iconanonamos701:anonamos701 335 27 RWBY--Saaaluuutations! by SAmaryllis RWBY--Saaaluuutations! :iconsamaryllis:SAmaryllis 76 11 RWBY--Aaaand SMASH!! by SAmaryllis RWBY--Aaaand SMASH!! :iconsamaryllis:SAmaryllis 139 4 Ardent Lotus by TheKingKez Ardent Lotus :iconthekingkez:TheKingKez 65 3 Her Sword by TheKingKez Her Sword :iconthekingkez:TheKingKez 462 29 Pyrrhic Victory by Neverominin Pyrrhic Victory :iconneverominin:Neverominin 402 34 Vol 4 Blondie by Neverominin Vol 4 Blondie :iconneverominin:Neverominin 518 44 Vol4 Snow Angel by Neverominin Vol4 Snow Angel :iconneverominin:Neverominin 381 15 Nora Valkyrie by axouel2009 Nora Valkyrie :iconaxouel2009:axouel2009 335 26 Blake Belladonna - RWBY- Wallpaper by Didi-Esmeralda Blake Belladonna - RWBY- Wallpaper :icondidi-esmeralda:Didi-Esmeralda 486 6 Truth Ignored by BoopDiBoop Truth Ignored :iconboopdiboop:BoopDiBoop 67 11 ocean wide by Apofiss ocean wide :iconapofiss:Apofiss 1,896 33 Tiffany Blue Cotton Candy Ice Cream by theresahelmer Tiffany Blue Cotton Candy Ice Cream :icontheresahelmer:theresahelmer 285 15 Tifa - Final Fantasy VII by GENZOMAN Tifa - Final Fantasy VII :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 2,459 66 Pose study 76 by Kate-FoX Pose study 76 :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 1,234 14 Mission Possible by kawacy Mission Possible :iconkawacy:kawacy 6,033 150


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None of your voyeur-y beeswax
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am an art-loving, Shakespeare-quoting, full-time eccentric tea junkie with a deep, potentially unhealthy love of reading, drawing and writing, to the point of using my own body as a space to sketch out my thoughts and scribble poetry or story ideas when I can't access a computer or I run out of paper. I eat fruits and vegetables by the truckload and play piano when bored and the ocarina when fidgety. In another life, I think I might have been a typewriter.

Current Residence: A couch with my labtop
deviantWEAR sizing preference: suit yourself
Print preference: anything goes
Favourite genre of music: Metallica, punk, rock n' roll, classical
Favourite photographer: My Algebra 1 teacher
Favourite style of art: MANGA PWNS YOU~ (although it's tied with charcoal sketches)
Operating System: Labtop, cellphone camera, home printer
MP3 player of choice: Ipods
Shell of choice: Cuttlefish or Lion-Turtle, I don't care how ridiculous it is!
Wallpaper of choice: Roses and thorns....and lots of paint and brushes
Skin of choice: Mine! IT'S UNSANITARY OTHERWISE!
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard (he eats people, you know)
Personal Quote: "I consider that a man's brain originally is like a little empty attic"
Exams are flooding in since my school's spring semester is in its home stretch, and given how we've been hit with weird weather that's currently riding a funky heatwave, I'd do just about anything for some decent iced coffee or an iced bubble tea. Blame my pathetic, stupid sugar-loving, first-world-issue tastebuds for an intense desire for something cold, caffeinated, and hopefully full of tapioca pearls or matcha powder.

Unfortunately, the local Starbucks are being held under siege this week (and from what I've heard, for up to a week more) for Frappy Hour, and given the horrific demand for Unicorn Frappucinos, I'm not going to risk causing some poor barista to have a nervous breakdown with one coffee order too many. Le sigh. What even is IN that stuff? It looks disgusting.

Time to break out the old coffeemaker and make some nice Vietnamese iced coffee, then. Studying suuuuuuuucks when it's hot out and all you want to do is swim, sleep, or go watch a nice film in an air-conditioned theatre, but that's school for you, I guess. Good luck to you all, it's time to go into the breach! 
  • Listening to: RWBY Chibi
  • Reading: maths notes
  • Watching: N/A
  • Playing: N/A
  • Eating: leftover Kalguksu
  • Drinking: iced coffee (soonish)


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